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Unique Acupressure Magnet Massage Foot Insole Anti-Fatigue Foot Pain Insole
Unique Acupressure Magnet Massage Foot Insole Anti-Fatigue Foot Pain Insole
Unique Acupressure Magnet Massage Foot Insole Anti-Fatigue Foot Pain Insole
Unique Acupressure Magnet Massage Foot Insole Anti-Fatigue Foot Pain Insole

Unique Acupressure Magnet Massage Foot Insole Anti-Fatigue Foot Pain Insole

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  • With 8 magnets, massage your foot all the time by stimulating reflexology points
  • Magnetic insoles helps increase blood circulation and metabolism, relieve fatigue
  • It is great for treating foot ailments and providing you with natural relief while walking
  • Made of high quality gel material, durable, non-toxic. Massage insole is easy to clean
  • Raised areas of massage insole give arch support ,air holes provide ventilation, keep foot cool
  • Size Cut Free: You can change the massage insole size by cutting according to the clear scale if necessary
  • Insole length: 11.4 inches

This magnetic massage insole is uniquely designed to relax your muscles. It can improve blood circulation, accelerate your weight loss, eliminate foot odor, foot heat, and reduce nerve pain and pressure.

They help you benefit from the knowledge of Chinese acupressure. Chinese therapists believe there are precise points on the soles of the feet which can cause you to lose weight. These “trigger points” may have an effect on the stomach, liver, kidneys, pancreas, and bladder. They literally “give your body orders” to slim down automatically no matter how much extra weight you have!

Fits all sizes!You can trim them to fit your shoes perfectly.

Shock absorption and comfortable, clean and Ventilate and Separate sweat and Deodorizing, washing and using freely,you can wear it every day, during a normal stroll, heavy exercise, trekking, and during a variety of physical activities.

About magnets

Magnets are embedded in the insoles, helping to increase circulation, while air holes help keep your feet dry and cool.

Modern science is now recognizing what the Chinese and others have known for more than 5,000 years. Magnetic fields and reflexology acupressure applied to the soles of the feet probably has a beneficial effect on disturbances of the inner organs which may lead to obesity and digestive disorders. Additionally, there are studies that find that magnetic reflexology might work faster to help your body eliminate or reduce unhealthy fats better than any form of dieting, fasting, or dangerous weight loss pills!


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